The Writing Life

For the past three years I have hosted The Writing Life radio show as a literary interviewer.  The Writing Life is an award-winning show where writers, editors, publishers, agents and any one making a living with their words, share insights and advice on how they make ends meet, their publishing pasts and their future projects. Over the years the writers have shared advice on entering contests, submitting work for publication, finding and approaching agents, how to deal with rejection letters, balancing multiple projects, collaboration and more. Over the last year I included a radio literary salon where writers were invited to read their work on the air. The readings were peppered with insights, conversation and advice from the writers.

The series is a resource for emerging writers and is available free online on Mixcloud, SoundCloud, Facebook and via the blog.

I’ve also hosted live writers’ panels open to the public where professional writers and new talent discussed how they write in their day jobs and give tips on balancing the demands of career, family, education and publishing. These panels are also available to download via SoundCloud.

Since creating the show I have created a team of interviewers who now research and conduct interviews as I support the team and offer mentorship, guidance and financial support in an executive producer role.