Storytelling Under the Moon: Lancaster Words and Lancaster Priory Workshop & Storytelling

I love the fall weather almost as much as I love stories and storytelling. I’m proud to be hosting a storytelling event in collaboration with Lancaster Words and The Priory.

The event includes a workshop, writing time, and a storytelling event.

During the one-hour workshop (5-6 PM), we’ll be writing about setting and characters inspired by our time in the Priory. Then, armed with some techniques, prompts, and inspiration, you’ll write for an hour (6-7). You may even choose to write underneath the Moon (exhibit). From 7-8 we’ll share our stories at the open mic/storytelling event. You can share the story you write for the event or bring along one to share. You can also choose to participate in the open mic without attending the workshop (or attend the workshop without reading at the open mic). I’m hoping that like me, you’ll do both.

I’m happy to review the piece you’re considering reading and to give you some of my tips of reading work in front of audiences.

All are welcome to listen to the stories whether they participate in the workshop so feel free to bring a guest, tell your friends, and come along.

Tickets are £3. Please order tickets via

Please note: if you attend the workshop and the storytelling event, you will only need to purchase the ticket for the workshop. 

Sheffield Lit Book Club

What is it?

A free monthly book club for kids aged 8-12. You will vote on a book of the month. Throughout the month, we will all read the book with the most votes. In the last week of the month, we will meet to talk about the book, meet the author, hear the author read from the book, and we’ll get to ask them questions. Then we’ll have snacks and vote on the book for next month.

Where will we meet?

Sheffield Hallam University, City Campus (location tbc)

When will we meet?

Most likely the last Friday of the month from 6:00 PM-7:30 PM.

The book club launch is on Thursday, August 15 from 3-4:30 and features Sharna Jackson (see Eventbrite for more information). We will confirm the date of the next event.

What will we talk about?

When we talk about the book, we may ask questions like: What did you like? Would you recommend it? How would you describe this book for a friend? Did you finish it? What happened? What more would you like to know? What questions would you like to ask the characters or the author? What would you like to have happened that didn’t? We may even write a review.

What sort of questions can we ask the author?

Anything within reason. We may ask about the ending, about something we didn’t understand, or something we wanted more (or less) of. We might ask how they wrote it, what’s next, about the characters, or anything in between.

How do we decide what book to read?

We’ll vote on the books we read. To invite an author, they will ideally be living in the UK. We will read the book with the most votes.

How much does it cost?

It’s free to participate. Most of the books will be available through the library.

Does my adult have to stay for the book club?


Does my adult have to participate in the book club?


How do I sign up?

email y(dot)battlefelton(at)shu(dot)ac(dot)uk to sign up or for more information.

Stories at the Storey Uploaded

As much as I love writing true stories each month, I enjoy hearing them. To get the stories rolling for our podcast, I recorded my story from October’s Stories at the Storey. In the piece I explored what might have happened if I hadn’t moved my family to the UK. It’s a short piece about choices, saying yes, and defining roles.

Call for Submissions: May Stories at the Storey

No matter how you live, one thing is certain: one day it will come to an end. Hope, money, destruction: What will you leave behind?

As Stories at the Storey celebrates another month of awesome stories, we are looking to the future, mainly ours, to reflect: how are we making the world a better place? When we’re gone, how will we be remembered?

For true stories of memories, regrets, bucket lists, choices and anything (and everything) in between, this month’s theme is legacy.

Do you have a 3-5 minute true story to share on the theme “legacy” (loosely interpreted)? If so, we would love to hear it. Sign up for your 3-5 minute slot for May’s Stories at the Storey: May 25, 7-8 PM at The Storey in Lancaster.

You can’t take it with you, why not talk about it now?

If These Walls Could Talk: Lancaster Edition–Call for true stories

Lancaster Stories

Do you have a true story about Lancaster?

If you have visited, worked in (past/current) or lived in or near (past/current) Lancaster and have a true story to tell, why not share it May 6 at the Lancaster University Community Day special edition If These Walls Could Talk: Lancaster Open-Mic?

What kind of stories can you share?

True, well-told stories about things you have done, people you’ve met, things you’ve seen, objects (or people) you’ve left behind, things you’ve learned or forgotten. True stories about escapes, encounters, close calls and memories. Stories about loss and found love, first dates, first days of work (and last). Tales of tours, visits and explorations. You name it—you tell it.

Date: Saturday, May 6, 2017
Time: 3-4 PM
Location: Lancaster University, LICA Building

For more information or to schedule your 3-5 minute open mic slot, please email Yvonne at

February’s Stories at the Storey, by Gemma Rayner

February’s Stories at the Storey’s open mic night was thriving with tales of the way food carries us through life. Each individual had a different story to tell – from the comedically clichéd advice given to overeaters everywhere, to the starvation that comes with travelling in remote and isolated landscapes, we felt the highlights and the struggles of each speaker’s tale. Food has a uniquely uniting force as an irrepressible human function, something that was apparent in the audience’s response to each story. To hear the struggles of your lifetime of attempted dieting expressed in such a poignant and humourous way was something that brought the entire audience to chuckles of familiarity and sympathy, and hearing the plight of a lonely hitchhiker cross the globe looking for opportunities to eat, was something that felt recognisable when expressed in such a detailed and eloquent way.

As a newcomer to Stories at the Storey, I was introduced to a buzzing community based on a raw sincerity of story-telling. The atmosphere was palpable with the light-hearted integrity that arises from sharing tales with such a level of openness, and it was lovely to see the community that put no barriers between speakers and listeners. The event presented such a welcoming environment which allowed conversation and interaction, but where the virtue of the shared tales was preserved within the room. Being part of such a pleasant and engaging group of people, who are willing to pour out their stories and the plethora of concurrent emotions, is a privilege; one that is fulfilled in the intimate setting of Stories at the Storey.

Stories at the Storey: Fear

Have a listen to our first recorded Stories at the Storey event where storytellers share their 3-5 minute true stories loosely interpreting the theme “fear.”

The Writing Life Remembered: Writing Life Episode 1 Featuring Colleen Crangle

In episode one of The Writing Life Colleen talks about writing, publishing, and making a living with her words.

If These Walls Could Talk

If These Walls Could Talk is a radio show that celebrates stories from within the walls of some of Britain’s iconic heritage sites. For one hour, guests, employees, vendors, visitors, and neighbors share true stories of love, loss, meetings, missed connections, interviews, visits, work, haunting, trials, shows, exhibits, secrets: stories that capture the human experience within the walls of British heritage sites.

Shared through a series of interviews, these true stories capture the sometimes hidden histories of public spaces. In their own voices, the guests make the past more intimate, immediate and accessible by sharing their true stories about people they’ve met, things they’ve seen, things they’ve found or left behind; about escapes, encounters, first days of work and last. Through winding sometimes whimsical narratives the guests answer the question:if these walls could talk, what stories would they tell? What kind of stories am I looking for?

True stories that make listeners laugh, cry, think, feel, engage, wonder, imagine… Stories that take us behind the walls of British Heritage sites and more importantly, your stories.

If these walls could talk, what stories would they tell?