Call for True Stories: Dreams

They can motivate, inspire, haunt, soothe, move, and change us. Through dreams we can be anywhere, anyone, or anything. This month’s Stories at the Storey theme is “dreams” loosely interpreted. We’re looking for stories about dreams you have or have had, dreams your pursuing or have left behind, and everything in between. To share your 3-5 minute true story email

What are you dreaming of?

Have a true story to share? Email ( to sign up for your 3-5-minute (2-4 pages A4) open-mic slot. Remember, you don’t have to be a writer to share your story. We are looking for anyone with a true story to share.

To sign up for a 3-5 minute open mic slot, please email, or message/tweet/morse code us.

When: Thursday, 28 November 7-8PM

Where: Printroom Café and Bar, The Storey, Lancaster

Whether you have a story to share or just want to listen, there’s always room for one more.

Stories at the Storey: Call for True Stories

 Secrets: Just About the Only Thing You Can Take to the Grave

Trick or Treat! What better way to celebrate Halloween than a night of true or false stories with good friends and a few secrets shared between us?

Join us for a night of true and false stories as we share stories loosely exploring the theme “secrets.”

To sign up for a 3-5 minute open mic slot, please email, or message/tweet/morse code us.

When: Thursday, October 31 7-8PM

Where: Printroom Café and Bar, The Storey, Lancaster

Whether you have a story to share or just want to listen, there’s always room for one more. As always, if you’d like feedback on your story before you share it, get in touch. We’re happy to provide brief feedback. We’re also happy to share tips on reading your work in front of an audience.

If you have a piece you would like someone to read for you, let us know. One of us is usually available to read. There are lots of ways to get involved, whether you want to read or prefer to listen.

To order  your free ticket, please go to Eventbrite. Stories start at 7. Join us for drinks/chat from 6:30.

If you’re coming by yourself and are worried about coming alone, please feel free to let us know.  You can join us for a drink or a chat before or after the event.  

Storytelling Under the Moon: Lancaster Words and Lancaster Priory Workshop & Storytelling

I love the fall weather almost as much as I love stories and storytelling. I’m proud to be hosting a storytelling event in collaboration with Lancaster Words and The Priory.

The event includes a workshop, writing time, and a storytelling event.

During the one-hour workshop (5-6 PM), we’ll be writing about setting and characters inspired by our time in the Priory. Then, armed with some techniques, prompts, and inspiration, you’ll write for an hour (6-7). You may even choose to write underneath the Moon (exhibit). From 7-8 we’ll share our stories at the open mic/storytelling event. You can share the story you write for the event or bring along one to share. You can also choose to participate in the open mic without attending the workshop (or attend the workshop without reading at the open mic). I’m hoping that like me, you’ll do both.

I’m happy to review the piece you’re considering reading and to give you some of my tips of reading work in front of audiences.

All are welcome to listen to the stories whether they participate in the workshop so feel free to bring a guest, tell your friends, and come along.

Tickets are £3. Please order tickets via

Please note: if you attend the workshop and the storytelling event, you will only need to purchase the ticket for the workshop. 

Introducing the Stories at the Storey Podcast

We did it! We’ve been super excited about launching a podcast. We put out a call and it was answered! In this launch episode, you’ll hear stories about love and loss, opportunities, regrets, family, and more.

We hope the stories touch you the same way they touch us.

We will put out a call for our next episode. In the meantime, if you’re in or near Lancaster, and would like to come to the live event, check out our “events” section for our next true story open mic night at the Storey.

This episode features stories by Clare, Phil, Hannah, Ignacia, Eamonn, Ann, and Yvonne.

If you like the stories, please let us know.


Stories at the Storey, building community one story at a time.

Call for True Stories: Victoria Baths

Join us for If These Walls Could Talk,  an event celebrating community, stories, the past, present, and future, at ‘Weekend of Words’ – Sunday Talks, Tales & Tours at Victoria Baths.

We are looking for 5-7 storytellers, writers, readers, neighbors, friends, visitors, and anyone with a true story to share about Victoria Baths, Manchester, community, and/or story. You do not need to be a writer to participate.

What kind of stories? Stories about living nearby, visiting, working there, walking by, passing through, building, dropping off packages, collecting post, organizing trips, what ever stories you want to share, we want to hear them.

What next? If you’d like to share your true story in person, record it to share on the day, or have one of us read and/or record it for you, please message us at

The event is Sunday, June 9 at 2 PM at Victoria Baths, Manchester


October’s Newsletter: Just in Time for Halloween

October’s newsletter has been a long time coming. This month’s edition features a reminder of the month’s theme and an update of our upcoming project.

If you would like to get involved, please let us know. What do we need? We’ll be looking for an editor and a grant writer. For more information, read the newsletter.

Happy Reading!

Call for True Stories: January Stories at The Storey

It can warm, guide, and move us; propel, protect, reveal: This month’s theme is “light” (loosely interpreted). Join us as we share true stories of light: walking with or in it, the pursuit of, the search for, the loss of, and everything in between.

We are looking for writers, storytellers, friends, strangers, and anyone with a true story on the theme of light (loosely interpreted). Do you have a 3-5 minute (2-4 pages A4) true story? Message us here or email: to sign up for an open-mic slot.

Please note this month features the opportunity to have your true story recorded by and broadcast on Beyond Radio. As always, this is optional. If you would like to read and have your story recorded, please let us know. If you would like to read and would not like your story recorded, please let us know that as well.

The choice is yours.

Either way, we’d love to hear your true story.

When is it? The next Stories at the Storey is Thursday, January 25.

Where is it? Stories at the Storey is at Print Room Cafe in The Storey.

What are we looking for? Stories at the Storey is a true story open mic night. The stories we are looking for are creative nonfiction, lifewriting, well-crafted true stories.

What is Creative Nonfiction? Creative nonfiction draws on storytelling techniques to create stories that engage readers. Create a scene for us; describe the setting, landscape (emotional, geographical, otherwise), bring your characters to life. For an example of Creative Nonfiction, read Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood or Creative Nonfiction magazine.

The most engaging stories are practiced. Whether you memorize your story, read it from a screen, or read it from a notebook, practice reading your story out loud.

Remember you have 3-5 minutes; that’s about 2-4 sheets of A4. Your story will be concise. It doesn’t have to connect all of the dots for us.

Engage us, invite us in to your world.

Relax: we want to hear your story as much as you want to share it.

So sign up for your slot and get writing!

Stories at the Storey Uploaded

As much as I love writing true stories each month, I enjoy hearing them. To get the stories rolling for our podcast, I recorded my story from October’s Stories at the Storey. In the piece I explored what might have happened if I hadn’t moved my family to the UK. It’s a short piece about choices, saying yes, and defining roles.

Introducing Back Story, Stories at the Storey

We are launching Back Story, a podcast where writers share insights into their writing practice. Each month we will record a writer reading their true story loosely exploring the month’s theme. The reading will be followed by a conversation led by Naomi and Yvonne where we chat about the writer’s interpretation, the inspiration for the story, and other writing pursuits.

The recordings give us a chance to share some of the amazing stories writers share with us each month. So wherever you are in the world, sit back and listen. When you’re finished, feel free to write a piece interpreting the month’s theme and email it to us.

Now for Naomi Kruger’s Backstory, an interview where she explores her interpretation of September’s School Memories theme.

Call for True Stories: Ghost Stories Under the Tree

Ghosts. They haunt us, appearing when we least expect it, often when we most need it. Slipping through time and space, they take residence in our minds, our memories, and the walls, returning, like the past, with warnings, news, memories and stories.

Ghosts are everywhere and so are their stories.

Share your stories of haunting, memory, the past and the present at Lancaster University Library’s Once Upon a Time, True Stories Under the Tree event.

If you’re a writer, reader, lover of words, student, member of staff, the community, or just passing through and you have an engaging, entertaining, interesting, funny, heartwarming, sad (or anything in between) true story, we’d love to hear it. The theme is “ghost stories” (loosely interpreted).

You’ll have 3-5 minutes to share your haunting story.
Date: Oct. 4
Time: 8-9 PM
Location: Lancaster University Library under the tree

For more information or to sign up for a 3-5 minute true story slot, email Yvonne at
There will be light refreshments. What ghost story would be complete without cocoa and cookies?
Sponsored by Lancaster University Library