Stories at the Storey Call for True Stories on the theme “Ghosts”

Just in time for Trick or Treat, this month’s Stories at the Storey theme is “ghosts” (loosely explored).

Ghosts. They haunt us, appearing when we least expect it, often when we most need it. Slipping through time and space, they take residence in our minds, our memories, and the walls, returning, like the past, with warnings, news, memories and stories.
Ghosts are everywhere and so are their stories. This month Stories at the Storey’s theme is “ghosts” (loosely interpreted). We’re looking for ghost stories about events, relationships, people, and anything else that haunts you.
Have a true story to share? Email ( to sign up for your 3-5-minute (2-4 pages A4) open-mic slot.

Not sure you’re ready to read your true story? That’s fine too. Come by and listen. If you would like to share a story but want us to offer some feedback, get in touch. We can help you get your story ready.

When: Thursday, October 25, 7-8 PM
Where: Printroom Café, Lancaster

Sponsored by Graduate College, Stories at the Storey is a pay what you decide event. Readers are not asked to or expected to pay. Order free tickets via Eventbrite.