North West Literary Salon


What is the North West Literary Salon?

May 2016 marked the one year anniversary and the end of the first season of North West Literary Salon. So, what is North West Literary Salon?

North West Literary Salon is an literary evening bringing established and emerging writers with a North West connection together with the public for dramatic readings (storytelling), conversation, food and music.

The evenings start out with music. It’s an opportunity for the audience to unwind, get comfortable and enjoy the atmosphere. After the authors read, Naomi Kruger and Yvonne Battle-Felton chair a lively discussion and invite the audience to participate. Food is provided by a local caterer and a local musician provides the music.

The first season was free. Season II will be on a pay as you decide basis to encourage potential audience members to try the salon and to appreciate our growing current audience base.

The evening lasts an hour. The monthly event takes place at Waterstones King Street in Lancaster.

What do you need to bring? Bring your thirst for story, your engaging wit and your curiosity.

North West Literary Salon is an evening engaging with story, community and discussion brought about by our love of a good story told well.

We have welcomed talented authors from all over the UK. We’ve had award winning writers like Jenn Ashworth, Carys Bray, Carys Davies, Kirsty Logan, Paul McVeigh and more. We’ve enjoyed music by local musicians like Noni, Rosa Francesca and Fumina. We’ve had delectable treats catered by Filbert’s Bakery.

We are currently planning Season II. It promises to be another great year featuring both established and emerging North West writers, local musicians and local food and are looking forward to welcoming new faces and seeing familiar ones again as well.

See you soon!

Supported by donations from alumni and friends of the University, a grant from Public Engagement with Research and Grad College, North West Literary Salon is a BBC Get Creative Champion and a BBC Get Creative Event.