Characters in Motion: New Writing Workshops

Want to see your characters come to life?  With Characters in Motion performance-based draft workshops, professional actors bring your writing to life. 

Brought to you by the team that gives you Stories at the Storey and North West Literary Salon, in collaboration with Emma Rucastle, supported by the Dukes, Characters in Motion is a unique opportunity for Creative Writers to see their writing performed in front of an audience and to have their drafts brought to life by professional actors directed by Emma Rucastle of ELART Productions/The Rose Company. The performances are followed by feedback and discussions of issues of process, interpretation and the development of craft.

What is a Characters in Motion Workshop?

During a call writers submit poetry, prose, monologues, scripts or creative nonfiction. Naomi and I read through each piece of new writing.  After the pieces are selected, we meet with a team of actors and Director Emma Rucastle to discuss our readings of the pieces. During this discussion we explore the setting, character, tone, dialogue, etc…of each piece.

Then, the actors and Emma go away to rehearse bringing the characters to life.

During the workshop the actors get to see readers’ interpretations of their drafts. It’s an opportunity to not only see how the characters, dialogue, plot work but an opportunity to see them all come together either as intended or as experienced by readers.

Who are we?

A professional writer, Naomi has a PhD in Creative Writing and years of experience teaching Creative Writing at university level.

A professional writer, Yvonne is a Creative Writing PhD Candidate (final year) with years of experience teaching Creative Writing, Business and Technical Writing and Academic Writing at university level.

We are both actively writing and publishing. We also create and host literary events including North West Literary Salon and Stories at the Storey.

Who is Characters in Motion workshop for?

The workshops are perfect for: new writers, emerging writers, published writers, playwrights, poets, authors, essayists, creative nonfiction writers, novelists, short story writers, spoken word artists and anyone in between.