Call for True Stories: Dreams

They can motivate, inspire, haunt, soothe, move, and change us. Through dreams we can be anywhere, anyone, or anything. This month’s Stories at the Storey theme is “dreams” loosely interpreted. We’re looking for stories about dreams you have or have had, dreams your pursuing or have left behind, and everything in between. To share your 3-5 minute true story email

What are you dreaming of?

Have a true story to share? Email ( to sign up for your 3-5-minute (2-4 pages A4) open-mic slot. Remember, you don’t have to be a writer to share your story. We are looking for anyone with a true story to share.

To sign up for a 3-5 minute open mic slot, please email, or message/tweet/morse code us.

When: Thursday, 28 November 7-8PM

Where: Printroom Café and Bar, The Storey, Lancaster

Whether you have a story to share or just want to listen, there’s always room for one more.

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Yvonne is a writer of both fiction and creative nonfiction, a lover of words and an advocate of diverse stories. Founder and Executive Producer of The Writing Life, Co-Founder and Co-Director of Stories at the Storey, North West Literary Salon and Off the Page, Yvonne believes in the power of stories to change the world, build communities and engage us all.

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